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Frequently Asked Questions

What lifespan can we expect from uPVC windows & doors?

Under normal conditions, you can expect 20 - 25 years.

Can we use upvc windows in corrosive atmosphere?

Yes. The uPVC is inert to most harsh chemicals and is more than suitable as it can be washed using harsh disinfectants.

Are uPVC products scratch-proof?

Unlike powder-coated steel or aluminum windows, uPVC resists most scratches. But They are not scratch proof.

Are they maintenance-free?

Yes. Throughout their lifespan, they can be used with next to nil maintenance and effort on the owner’s part.

What are the exclusive advantages of UPVC Windows?

UPVC Windows is a bag full of advantages.They are corrosion resist, Termite proof, have very good sound insulation and are ideally suited for all type of climatic conditions.

Are the UPVC Windows costlier than the ordinary windows?

Yes, the UPVC Windows are costlier as compared to the ordinary windows, but when it comes to durability they are simply the best and acts as a biggest asset to your abode.

Does it take much time to install these windows?

No, not at all. The UPVC Windows are a unique blend of style and convenience. It is suggested to install these windows by skilled professional.

In which cities of Gujarat do you provide your services?

We have served and delighted our customers with our premium quality Sound proof uPVC windows from various cites of Gujarat including Surat, Valsad, Vapi, Bharuch, Bardoli, Vyara, Navsari, Billimora, Gandevi and Chikhli .


Over time and research, it has been established that uPVC stands miles ahead of its traditional material counterparts.In most developed countries, people use uPVC doors and windows as standard practice. The technology for manufacturing these products has long since come of age and for the sake of environmental preservation, the Indian Government has outlined strict guidelines to builders against the use of wood in the construction industry. So Go Green and save the planet.